The Broadway Dance Collective

broadway performers teaching you in your hometown.

the broadway dance collective brings broadway's finest dancers into your local dance studio. a fresh multi-disciplinary approach to the broadway master class #bwaycollective 


What are the age/level requirements?

Ages 7 through Adult are welcome.  

By splitting students into three groups (Youth, Teen, College) it allows us the flexibility to uniquely mold each classes repertoire to their respective age/level.

Each group will rotate through 3 classrooms and  work with each Broadway Teaching Artists that day.

how much does it cost?

$195 for students and $50 for observers (8am-12pm). Parents are invited back free of charge from 11am-12pm.

i'm a jazz dancer but don't tap or sing....

This Master Class was not created for you to be perfect.  We have created a safe space for you to learn what you need to work on.  

The Broadway Collective is a great check point for any artist at any stage in their training as the learning never stops.  

Don't hold yourself back from this experience because you "can't" do one of the disciplines.  Not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone only keeps you exactly where you are. Safe and boring.  Let's be big and bold and learn together.

What If I’m a Singer/mover is this right for me?

Absolutely.  This is a perfect opportunity to hone your audition skills in nailing your dance call.  If you’re a “singer singer” who says “vocal acrobatics” when asked for special skills you need to be here.  In your final callback for a Broadway musical everyone up for the ensemble WILL dance the same combination.  Don’t be fooled when they tell you there will be a “movers combination”.   Those don’t exists anymore.  Come get the tools necessary to book the job when Broadway calls.

Are my teacherS really on broadway?

Yes! Our Broadway Teaching Artists are currently in hit Broadway shows taking off of their Sunday show to fly in and teach you in your hometown.  New York is coming to you! 

I don't belong to the studio, can i attend?

Yes!  Everyone is welcome.  We are not affiliated to any of the studios we rent.

When are the venues announced?

Continue to check our Tour page for updated information.  

What do i wear?

Students are required to wear all black dance attire and bring jazz and tap shoes.   If you purchase Swag in advance you are more than welcome to rock it in class!

what if i don't own tap shoes?

No worries!  You can still participate in jazz shoes.  

how do i register?

Each participants parent can go to the Tour page to register and pay.  

what if i don't have a twitter and/or instagram?

No worries!  Just put @NA or N/A on the registration form.  

is there a group/family rate?

We do not offer group or family rates.

are there scholarships available? 

A limited number of need based scholarships are available. CLICK HERE TO APPLY. 

can i register the day of?

Because we are not a ballroom style convention and focus on small class sizes we will sell out.  Please check your city to make sure we aren't sold out.  Registering early is strongly recommended. 

where do i purchase swag?

Our exclusive mechandise can be purchased in advance by visiting the Swag store.  A limited number of items will be available for purchase the day of onsite. Although we have an all black dress code you are more than welcome to sport our Swag in class.

can i record?

We kindly ask for no visual recordings of any kind to protect the intellectual property of the choreographer's works we will be representing.

can i take pictures?

Students can take pictures with their teachers and friends after class.  We will take group shots with our photographer after the parent presentation.  They will be posted on our social media outlets and blog! Parents are allowed to take photos after the presentation!

where do i park?

We cannot guarantee parking as our venues change weekly. When we send out the final registration confirmation email we will let you know what information we have on parking!

do you offer hotel rooms?

We love our out of town guests but do not offer hotel packages.  We suggest the App Hotels Tonight or 

can studio owners, teachers, and parents observe?

Of course!  Anyone observing class from 8am-11am will be required to purchase an observer wrist band on our Tour page.  Everyone is invited back for the Presentation and Q&A at 11am!


Our studio can’t attend sunday, what can we do?

We offer Pop-Up Master Class in the NYC/NJ area.  Email to stay in the loop!  

Also, keep your calendar open to join us in NYC June 16th-18th for our 3 day NYC Convention where students will work directly with Broadway choreographers, Broadway Casting Directors, Agents and see Broadway shows!  It will be the complete immersive Broadway weekend.