The Broadway Dance Collective

broadway performers teaching you in your hometown.

the broadway dance collective brings broadway's finest dancers into your local dance studio. a fresh multi-disciplinary approach to the broadway master class #bwaycollective 

What People Are Saying

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The Broadway Collective with Broadway veteran, Robert Hartwell, was a HUGE success at our studio. Fast-paced, action-packed, and intense choreography. Robert shares his vast expertise in the real world of Musical Theatre. He takes the time to facilitate a Question & Answer seminar for the parents. Robert passes on a high intensity of joy and gives honest direction in what it takes to make this profession a reality. His program was one of the most talked about workshops by both students and parents. Robert is so much more than a random teacher walking into your studio. He becomes family and genuinely cares about your students and their futures in the world of theatre.  

-Kirstie Spadie - Artistic Director-North Carolina Dance Institute - Raleigh, NC


"Working with Krisha Marcano is one of the most invaluable experiences of my professional career.  Her vast background and knowledge of the industry coupled with her immense talent and artistry have been a great boom to both my professional and personal development.  She is without a doubt, one of the best."

-Brandon Victor Dixon -Tony Award Nominated Actor & Producer


“One of the BEST experiences my daughter has ever had! What she learned in this 4 hour workshop, was not only fun, but will stay with her for years to come. Robert and the rest of the staff were nothing but professional, fun, outgoing, and incredibly knowledgeable.”

-Natalie - Parent


“What an amazing experience! My daughter has been to many classes and workshops but to be taking classes with today's Broadway stars was really something special!”

-Cindee - Parent


“As a parent, I loved coming in at the end seeing all the dancers smiling and having a blast! She has attended many workshops and she says this was by far her favorite!”

-Jenny - Parent


“They teach you how to break out of your shell and sing like nobody is listening. They were very patient and very welcoming! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to be on Broadway.”

-Lily - Student


Training with Robert completely changed my relationship to dance. I came into his classes with minimal formal training, doubtful of my own abilities and potential. Over the course of his program, Robert ignited in me a confidence and passion for dance that has stayed with me ever since. Robert balances his explosive energy with razor-sharp discipline, extensive knowledge of anatomy, and deep care for his students and their well-being. I could not recommend him more highly.

-Rob Montgomery - Penn State Musical Theatre Class of 2014


“Beyond voice and dance, this experience builds self-esteem, imparts life skills applicable to any future endeavor, and affords an opportunity to move beyond one's comfort zone -- but all wrapped in the gifts of kindness and humbleness. If you have the opportunity to participate in this class, go for it! It's amazing! Your dancer likely will see new personal possibilities as a result.”

-David- Parent


“Going in as a singer, I knew that the class would be a struggle and a challenge. Everything taught was taught for improvement. I loved every second of it. The teachers are terrific and always there to help!”

-Ivan - Student


“My daughter is 18 and has trained in NYC with some of the top in the business. Went into this event somewhat tentatively but instead found a workshop that not only can compete with anything in Manhattan, it rivals or surpasses the best out there! Hard to find true Broadway quality jazz, tap AND voice all in one place. If the B'way Dance Collective visits your city, sign up!”

-Melissa - Parent


There are a lot of incredible choreographers and instructors out there, but very few bring as much passion for art and life as Robert Hartwell.  He challenges each student because he believes in their abilities and worth as a human being.  Every day at Mpulse, Robert challenged us and pushed us to our physical limits in the most inspirational way possible.  It never felt like work, though.  Rather, it felt like reaching toward our dreams.

-Lexi Lessaris- Indiana University Musical Theatre Class of 2014


"How grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with an amazing voice teacher, such as Jamison Scott. He has given me the confidence to walk into an audition room and be better prepared than most of my competition.”

-Lauren DeFilippo - Vocal Student - Ensemble in Billy Elliot on Broadway


When I am asked who my favorite/best director has been ---among a group of now veteran Broadway performers, I always say, without hesitation---Robert Hartwell. In addition to being one of the most keenly intelligent and astute people I have ever known, Robert is a superb teacher and possesses an uncanny ability to not only motivate young people, but also challenge them to levels of performance beyond anyone's expectations (including their own). Robert’s students learn so much and feel such a tremendous sense of accomplishment

-Susan Hurwitz- Director of Pioneer Theatre Guild-Ann Arbor Public Schools